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June 19, 2009 – Plan Your Budget And Cash Flow

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Pocketsmith is a web site that provides you with the web service of easily creating a 12-month cash forecast. It uses a calendar to let you quickly and easily create a 12-month cash forecast. You can easily Predict your daily cash position over a year, analyze your budget against actual figures and Save by setting personal financial goals.

There are better ways to visualize and work with financial information than what’s commonly out there. Budgeting and financial planning has always been about tables and spreadsheets.

Online budgeting tools tend to consist of rows of forms elements to be filled out, pie charts, mortgage calculators, percentages, and a spill of data that is just unpleasant to work with. Unless you’re a financial geek, the process tends to be tedious and uninspiring at best. Basic budgeting and financial management is not difficult to do. It’s the tools that cramp your style.

This application takes a new approach to personal financial management by making it fun, simple and compelling. It is built with you in mind, providing you with a way to interact with your finances in a natural fashion. It guides you to think about the future – not the past – and clearly illustrates the impact of your financial decisions.

It does this through a calendar interface and visualizations which allow you to see your budget in a format which is more relevant to your life. No more contending with spreadsheets, no more forms, no more stacks of paper. PocketSmith’s broad appeal has individuals, small businesses and large organizations using it to understand and control their respective financial situations.

This all happens as this is all about the future. This application will surely help you to quickly plan and sort out your budget without the hassle of complex tools like spreadsheets or tricky accounting programs. Also, Cash is the lifeline of any business. Stay ahead of the curve by using this to sketch out and map your cash flow for the coming 12 months.


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