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July 12, 2009 – Improve Your Writing Skills

Polish my writing is a web site that provides the web service of making you write better and spend less time editing. This uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing technology to find your writing errors and offer smart suggestions. Register and download a plug-in. Once installed, After the Deadline adds a button that lets you check spelling, style, and grammar in supported applications.

After the Deadline is a plug-in for Word Press and TinyMCE with:

1. Contextual Spell Checking
2. Advanced Style Checking
3. Intelligent Grammar Checking

This feature won’t change HTML in your blog posts. When an issue like this is found, they tend to fix it. They do temporarily insert HTML tags in TinyMCE to highlight errors and suggestions. But they remove these tags when you post your blog entry.

You can permanently ignore any error message. Click an error and select “Ignore Always”. This will update a cookie in your browser. In Word Press you can visit the After the Deadline settings page (the same place you input your key) to un-ignore errors.

This feature supports only English language at this time because supporting a new language requires time, lots of data, and expertise in that language. They only have the resources to support English at this time. This software is available for license. The license is on a per-server basis with updates and support for one year.

If you make $500/mo or more from your blog, they ask that you purchase a commercial key. They are inventors and take great joy knowing that they are helping you write better. Unfortunately joy does not pay hosting costs or product R&D. Your support shows them you value After the Deadline and gives them incentive to keep improving it.

If you have multiple blogs you need not buy different licenses for them. You may use your personal or commercial key in multiple places. They do not have a strictly enforced limit for personal keys. They expect that you or a few writers are using your key in a supported application. The reasons for needing a key apply for needing an account. They use your API key to identify your account type and how much you’re using the service.


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