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March 9, 2010

Post Google Buzz Posts To Twitter With

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Google Buzz, the new kid on the block from Google family is already generating rave reviews across the globe. Buzz is a new way to share updates, photos, videos and more, and start conversations about the things you find interesting.

BuzzCanTweet is a service which has come up with a deadly killer combination of Twitter and Google Buzz. It seamlessly intertwines two highly popular tools making it easier for users to have access to two distinct services via this single simple application. The tool automatically sends your Google Buzz to Twitter.


  • Send buzz to Twitter.
  • Use your own account for links.
  • Selective tweeting, only tweet buzz with keyword #twitter (customizable).
  • Exclude text after keyword (customizable).
  • No link back to Buzz when under 140 characters and not attachment (customizable).
  • Use Buzz as your Twitter image service!
  • Access settings via the control panel.

To start with, an account on Gmail is required with an active Google profile which must be public. Users have to click “Get Started” button on the homepage of the website and thereafter, you will be prompted to sign into your Gmail account. Once the two accounts i.e. Google and Twitter account get linked, all the buzz information will be exported to Twitter account. Also, there is a link back to your buzz which enables all your Twitter followers to enjoy your videos and photos without following you on Buzz.

Your messages can exceed 140 characters, after which the reader can click on ‘Read More’ link to follow the rest of the message. BuzzCanTweet’s settings are customizable via the Control panel. Users can change their settings so the only buzz media with the ‘#twitter’ hashtag will be tweeted. This selective buzz tweet can be effectively used to prevent accidental views of your confidential information by the entire Twitter world. All your Buzz content will be shared, whether you send it from Gmail, Google Maps or any other Buzz client.

This online application has beautifully interlaced two very frequently used networking mediums which have undoubtedly become indispensable part of our digital life.

Some Important Things You Should Know Before Starting Tweeting Your Buzz :

  1. All your Buzz content will be shared, whether you send it from Gmail, Google Maps or any other Buzz client. It will not however include buzz imported from Twitter.
  2. A side effect is that all the tweeted buzz will find its way back to Buzz if you have enabled Twitter in Buzz. You can either remove Twitter polling from Buzz or manually delete the retweeted buzz until Google gives a workable solution.
  3. Tweets sometimes lag behind. This is something that’s wrong on the Buzz end and will hopefully be fixed soon.

buzz-can-tweet review

Our rating 3.5 / 5 | Visit


Linking Buzz to Twitter will make your buzz automatically be sent to Twitter and will include a link back to your buzz, which means that all your Twitter followers can enjoy all photos, videos etc without having to follow you on Buzz. Messages can be longer than 140 characters as your followers can just hit the link to read the rest.

How Is Useful?

The tool allows you to draw the benefits of both Google Buzz and Twitter simultaneously and efficiently without spending additional time on staying active on both forums.

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