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March 6, 2012

Print Part Of Website Page & Save Web Page As PDF

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We all use internet to find some information which will help in our work, you might be working on a project for your office work or you might making your college project, nowadays internet is used in all type of works, we all depend on internet because it makes our life very simple.

If you are ever connected with internet then its very easy for you to get information, but what if you are working on a offline computer? Well a simple solution is to save web page in a portable format and when you are offline then use that file to view what you need.

PDF version is widely used and mostly recommended for viewing and sharing information on internet, so here are some useful web service which lets you generate PDF version of any web page which you can save and view later on.

PrintWhatYouLike – It is one of the most widely used service which allows you to generate a PDF version of any web page very easily.

To get started just visit the web site and then provide the URL of the page of which PDF file you want, after providing URL, within few seconds it will load a page which is divided into 2 parts, on the right side you will see the web page and on the left side you will find some useful tools.

If you don’t want to waste your time then just click on the Auto Format and it will remove all unwanted stuffs from the page, which is there just to occupy your space.

When you hover your mouse on the web page then you will find that page is divided into very parts, and if you click on any of them then you will get lots of options, like to remove it from page, resize, widen and lots more.

To make your PDF file minimal you can choose not to add background in your page, you can remove images from page or to save pages you can also remove the margin from the page.


You can also select the font size, or undo/ redo any changes which you had made, Once you are done just save the page in HTML or PDF or you can also directly get it printed.

You can also get a button on your blog or web site so that your visitors can download a PDF version of it, you can install a bookmarklet on your web browser so that you can instantly get PDF version of any page.

Rating :- 4/5

Visit Site :- PrintWhatYouLike


It is another web app which let you convert any web page into a PDF file, this service very much similar to PrintWhatYouLike, but when you load a page to make its PDF version then you will note that it will automatically removes the background so make you page minimal.

A bad thing is that if you had loaded an page and if that page has some link then you wont be able to check that link from its interface, but PrintWhatYouLIke allows you to open links too.

Here you too has the choice to select the size of the font, it provides 5 kinds of font, you can remove any contain from the page by just clicking on it.


When you are done you can get it print or you can download a PDF version right into your computer, a nice feature which it provide is that it allows you to get that PDF version of page emailed to your friend or even you can mail it to your own email address.

This service too allow you to get a button for your web sit and a bookmarlet for easy and fast loading of any webpage.

Rating :- 3.5/5

Visit Site :- PrintFriendly


It is a free web app which is run by Nitro Team, I hope you are aware of Nitro PDF reader, it’s a quite useful, light and easy to use PDF reader.


Here you don’t need to visit the site an enter URL, all you need to do is just install their Bookmarklet or Add-ON (for Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer) into your browser and then get any web page into a PDF version.


It wont allows you to customize the look and remove any content from the page, to use it first install add-on or bookmarklet and then visit the page of which PDF version you want, then just click on that bookmarklet.

Then it will redirect you to a page where you need to provide your email address so that you will get a PDF file of that page.

After sometime you will get an email with a PDF attachment.

I think they need to add some customization feature to it, as if you want to get PDF version of some portion of page then also you have to get whole web page.

Rating :- 3/5

Visit Site :- PdfDownload


It is another cool and nice site which allows you to get a PDF version of any webpage, like PdfDownload, it too wont allow you to twaek or customize the PDF file, if you wanna remove any content from page then this is not the right choice for you.

To use this web service you need to visit the site and then provide the URL of that page which PDF version you want in the box.


After some loading it will provide you a PDF file which you can download or save on your Google Docs account.

You can also install Add-on or bookmarlet on your web browser for easy and fast conversion of web pages, it also provides you button for your web site  so that your users or readers can easily get PDF version of your web page.

One awesome tool provided by this web app and which is missing in other one is that it allows you to convert any webpage into PDF by just email. This feature is good for those who are in low network, to get converted by just email, all you have to do is send an email to :-

And in subject field write Convert and then on body write the URL of the page and then hit Send, within few minute you will get an email with and PDF attachment.

Rating :- 3.5/5

Visit Site :- Web2PdfConvert

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