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March 18, 2011

Promote Your Business Online With Your Existing Networking Profiles On Web

With so many social networking sites, each consisting its own set of amazing features, we have a lot options. How would it be, if a networking site provides us an opportunity to market our self or expand our business online. Yes, we can do that with our existing profiles on Facebook & Twitter, but how would it be like linking all of them at one place and then start marketing? is the latest tool that helps in connecting all the web pages from various social networking sites (including Linkedin). Connecting all your profiles at one single place helps the employer to know more about you without being diverted to many pages on the internet. With businesscard2, users can even market their product and other services. For employers looking for a particular type of professionals, businesscard2 will help you. The database of businesscard2 has dedicated categories for various professionals like Real Estate, Agriculture, Financiers, Accountants, Entertainment etc. Besides, dedicated categories of professionals, you can also find professionals from your city too (that is, browse professionals by location).

Key Features

  • Import contacts from any contacts manager
  • Share your online Business Card with others by linking it to your profiles (on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc.) or you can link your profiles to your business card.
  • Amazing chat-feature, that allows users to chat with visitors to their business card
  • Get a direct link to your profile page (which can be shared)
  • Good SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This is one feature that will help you boost your product value and services. With good SEO, your name/product will pop-up in the early few results, thus optimizing search engine

How to Use Business Card2?

The first step is to register on their web site. It’s easy and free. Click on ‘Create Card’ icon and write your e-mail ID and password. Next, fill in the details like your name, city, country and lastly, the username which will also be the link to your page (eg.

Once done, your card is created. What is left to do is fill your card and complete your profile.

That’s it, you’re ready to market your products and services online.

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