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June 14, 2009

PsykoPaint – Convert Your Photos Into Paintings

Psykopaint is a web site that provides the web service of photo painting. This tool is really different as it doesn’t work directly on the pixels of an image but use the information of those pixels to Paint. The idea and result is totally different. This is a rather new concept as Photo-PAINTING and might take a bit time for people to understand.

It basically is an online painting application that allow the user to paint using color of another image, leaving the color selection process automatic giving a lot of freedom about different painting techniques. It is not here to emulate traditional painting (there are already some very good software which does it) but more to move forward in the creation of new tools for designers as well as regular people.

I believe it is a logical evolution of photo-editing and digital-painting which is a result of its time. This service is totally free and there is no plan to make people pay for using this service. But in future some special services will be developed which will be available on payment of a small amount.

The best feature of this service is that it is very fast to open and save. Actually this is so because all the process is client-side, which means that the images are on your computer, processed on your computer and saved directly onto your computer like a traditional software on your desktop would do. This is due to the new capabilities of Flash Player 10.

Also, In psykopaint most of the controls allow you to choose a range of value instead of a precise value. This is to give expressiveness to your brushes like a normal human being would do. For instance choosing a minimum value for the size slider of 5 and maximum of 20 will pick randomly a value between those each time the brush is applied.

If you want a precise value, just put both minimum and maximum at the same value. It might take a bit time to adapt, but that is the price to pay for novelty!


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