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August 1, 2012

Copy Paste On Internet To Upload Images For Free

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We all know that there are plenty of web services available which allows you to upload photos online and then share them, but all of them either comes with basic uploading tool which ask you to browse photos or either you can drag and drop photo to them.

Well its quite easy, but what if I tell you another easy way, Now you can upload photos by just copying them on your clipboard, Yes just either select image and press Ctrl+C to copy or use Print Screen button on your keyboard to copy on clipboard and then Paste it on web site.

How Does Snaggy Works?

Snaggy is an free online web service which allows you to upload any image to web by just copying them on your clipboard. You can copy image on your clipboard by just copying them, Use Ctrl+C to copy image from your hard disk, if you wanna capture any screenshot then press Print Screen button and image will be copied to your clipboard.


Once you had copied image open web site and just paste it by pressing Ctrl+V and your image will be pasted on web site and will be uploaded in few seconds. Once uploaded you will get an link from which you can share your image or else it also allows you to edit it.


You can copy URL to you clipboard by pressing small button just next to URL, or if you wanna edit then press Edit button and you edit your image. It comes with some basic editing tool like Pencil, Crop Image, Rectangle Tool and Text Tool.


One thing which I like in editing is that it do supports shortcuts like C from Crop tool, P for Pencil, and so on. It also supports Undo and Redo for any changes. Once you make changes you can delete original image too.

Once you are done click on save button and then share URL of that image with your friends over IMs, email or on social networking sites.

This website runs on HTML5, so make sure you are running HTML5 supporting web browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. If you are running web browser doesn’t support HTML5 then it use a Java applet to read your clipboard, which will require your permission to run.

But one thing I didn’t like on this web service is that anyone who has URL can open image and delete it and other will then wont be able to see image.

Rating :- 4.5/5

Other Web Services To Upload Images On Internet For Free

  • Shuttur :- Here you can search for photos easily as they are nicely categorized and voted by users, you can even upload your images without making any account on it.
  • ZangZing :- Its an easy way to share photos in group, here you can either upload photos or import photos from Flickr, Facebook, Picasa, Kodak, Instagram and Shutterfly. You can either mail photos or share it on Facebook or Twitter.
  • Picyou :- Here you can upload photos faster and easily, This tool allows you to update Facebook or Twitter profile pic from its interface too.
  • Flickr :- There is no doubt on this service, its one of the best service for uploading and sharing photos on internet. It comes with many sharing options like on BB forums, HTML code and so on.
  • Picasa :- Picasa is Google’s product and it allows you to upload photos on it album and then you can use it across all Google product associated with your account.

How Snaggy Is Different From Other Web Service?

Snaggy allows you to you to upload photos right from clipboard, its nice to see such feature as other web sites required you to browse for photos and then upload them. But here you can directly upload photos by copying them.


This is an nice web service and its very useful if you are in hurry wanna upload photos faster as all you need to upload photos from your clipboard. This tool can be very handy if you wanna upload a screenshot directly or any image from web.

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