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November 21, 2011

Quickly Update Your Facebook Status With Lyrics

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Almost all of us love to listen music, some of you might love romantic songs, some RAP, some R&B, some might love classic an so on, each and everyone has its own taste and likes. Many of us likes to update their Facebook profiles status by any lyrics.

Usually it happens that we are listening any song and then we love part of that song and then we make it our status on Facebook, but many times we have to find lyrics by Goggling for it, sometime we find it very easily but some time we don’t, so it take time and effort from our side.

Another issue which you may find that you have to copy and paste it from their or if you try to type lyrics by your own then you may make mistakes in spelling or so, and then on this mistake many of your friend will comment on it and you might feel awkward.

But to get out of all these problem you can use a simple and easy to use web service,, its an free web service, you can search for any Lyrics on this site and then update your Facebook status from it, wait wait! I am not asking you to copy and paste from it.


All you have to do is just select the portion of lyrics and then it will automatically shows an option to post it on Facebook, just click on it and get it posted on your Facebook profile, Simple isn’t it ?

You can perform search on the basis on Song name or even Artist name, on lyrics page you will also see some most popular lyrics from same Artist, You can even browse lyrics through Alphabetic order. On the homepage you will see some most popular lyrics which are quoted by others recently on their Facebook profiles.

Visit Site :- LyricStatus

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