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June 6, 2009

RadioBunch – Listen, Discover and Suggest Radio Stations

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Music is the very much a part of our day-to-day life. Today most of the people can’t stay away from music. Radio has been a hot of late specially among the viagra from canada youngsters which form major part of our population. RadioBunch has given another dimension to radio world. It’s a portal which adds lot more excitement to the world of radio by allowing users to rate, listen, and recommend various radio stations all over the world.

How to use RadioBunch
1. Select the country whose radio you want to listen. You will be shown various radio stations listings.
2. You can also list according to radio type in various categories like pop, jazz, new age, traditional etc.
3. The user is not required to login for the above two points and listen to the radio of their choice.
4. On logging in the user have the facility to add various radio stations to their favorites list so that they won’t have to look for them whenever they want to listen.
5. Additionally, you can rate, leave comments and listen to various radio stations.

RadioBunch is a new online radio aggregator that lists various radio stations recommended by users. Moderators sort the radio stations on the basis of rating by the users. This portal lists currently over 1900 radio stations which can be searched, browsed and listened by user from various categories. Also the user can check out most viewed, latest and random stations. Users can also post their comments for various stations and even suggest new radio stations.

RadioBunch is a great way for people to just relax and have fun while listening to various radio stations all around the world according to their mood. It also allows people to get to know about latest music trends all around the world. But the problem with this portal is that it does not allow to select both the country and radio type option at the same time. But all in all it’s a good portal for the people who likes to listen to radio.

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