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If you are young, a college student of an American University, have an e-mail ID on your universities’ website (which ends with a .edu) along with a facebook account and bored of all the social networking sites, then randomdorm.com is for you. Randomdorm is a US based website, launched very recently, which allows only college students to enter the website by logging in. All you need is an e-mail ID on your universities’ website that ends with a .edu or .ac and a facebook account. It will certainly be a new experience for the younger lot as it gives an opportunity to be paired with a stranger and get involved in a video chat. The good thing is that it is limited to college campuses only. It is safe and highly secured. This is the new age of social networking and chatting over net (We needed this, although it’s a new concept).

The website’s popularity has been spiraling ever since it was launched. It got featured in some of USA’s reputed print media houses such as The New York Times, USA Today, Reuters, Tech wave to name a few. For now, as it’s a new concept, the website is open only for students from American Universities, but in the future, it will open its gates for students from around the world.

Key features:

  • Allows students from all American Universities to enter a new world of social networking and chatting, that is, a live video chat with a stranger
  • It is safe, as students having an e-mail account which ends with .edu or .ac are allowed to enter the website (Snapshot below shows it)
  • Students of same age group and similar interests can easily interact with each other
  • You can choose with whom you want to video chat

Our Rating: 4/5 | http://www.randomdorm.com/

About Randomdorm.com:

It’s a chat roulette, wherein students from American Universities having an e-mail account which ends with a .edu or a .ac can log in and start video chatting with their peers from other universities.

How randomdorm.com helpful?

Randomdorm.com is all about video chatting and interacting with others. It’s a very different concept and certainly has an appeal. Apart from that it is completely safe and secured.

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