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May 10, 2012

Read Twitter Timeline On Google Reader or Any RSS Reader

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Google reader is a nice place where you can read news or RSS feeds to get the latest contents from the world. Google Reader is a nice and well organized place, here you can add feed just by entering web site URL and then it will automatically fetch it Feed URL or you can also enter the feed URL of web site.

Another cool social networking site is Twitter, we can share our thoughts on it, nowadays all companies and politicians has started using Twitter because they know the power of it. But sometime it become difficult to open your Twitter account and get the latest updates. So what if you could get your Twitter timeline on your Google Reader ?

Well yes you can do this by using a simple web app, GTweet, its an free online web service which allows you to subscribe to your Twitter Timeline RSS feed and then you will get all updates on your Google Reader account.

To get started all you need to do is, first visit the web site and then you need to connect your twitter account with, it uses Oauth system, means non of your account information is kept by any third party and your account will remains secured.


Once you had connected your account then you will get a RSS feed URL which you can directly add to your Google Reader account or you can add it to your Google Homepage or iGoogle page.

Once you had added that RSS to your Google Reader account you will immediately get latest updates or your timeline on your reader page, you can even RT and reply back to any of your tweet which is shown on your Google Reader page. When updates come you will see that URLs and @mentions become clickable links and the tweeter’s avatar is displayed.

Visit Site :- GTweetApp

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