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March 29, 2011

How To Read Online Articles Without Ads & Clutter?

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Today, technology has replaced book to eBooks, newspapers to online news websites and magazines to online articles. People are diverting from offline means to online means for reading and updating themselves. Online marketing has also occupied a big space on websites which makes it difficult for us to read online.

Online advertisements, banners, and web links to other pages are all online marketing means which are placed on almost all web pages to make people attract. But all these are distracting elements as it tricks & distracts readers and makes it difficult in reading.

BEFORE                                                     AFTER


So let me take you to a simple tool that wipes out all the distractions from a web page and leaves only the text that you really want to read. It is basically a bookmarklet, you can add this bookmarklet to your browser bookmark toolbar and use it as and when require. Simply open a webpage that is too cluttered, just go to your browsers bookmark toolbar and click on the NotForest Bookmarklet for a cleaner view. This tool is very user friendly and free to use. Simply drag the bookmarklet to your browser and read your content with more ease. It also offers you some themes that you can apply to change the look and feel of the web page. As it supports all the browsers, So you just visit the link below and install the tool right away.

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