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September 29, 2009 – Get Easy Access To Past Records Of Cases

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It is a website that is basically a provider for a Firefox extension with a whole lot of features. The site is designed under a project of Princeton university that halos in increasing government transparency. It helps in improving your PACER experience. PACER stands for public access to court electronic records. It is used for viewing the past records of the judicial cases by the general public. PACER is difficult to use for the general public and also charges heavy amount for downloading any document. The RECAP extension makes it easy for the public to navigate through the documents and also gives free access to download documents which are in its repository. REACP users automatically donate the documents when the download them form PACER. Below are some other features :

Features :

  1. This extension helps you to easily navigate through PACER documents.
  2. It also helps you in getting a free access to download the documents form its repository.
  3. You have to be PACER user to use this extension.
  4. It also helps you in donating documents to this public library.
  5. It is very user friendly once you understand its working by watching the video posted on the site.
  6. This extension also renames the file in a more appropriate way, making it easy for you to view and open it.
  7. The site helps you save a lot of money and making your PACER experience better.

Steps of procedure to use this website :

  1. You have to be a registered user of PACER to use this extension.
  2. If you are a PACER user you can the simply visit the site from your Mozilla Firefox browser.
  3. After that you can simply click on the install tab to install this add-on on the Firefox browser.
  4. The site has video depicting the use of this extension which makes it easy for you to understand the working of it.

Editor’s view :

This is a really good innovation on the part of the developers, thus making access to the legal documents by the general public actually possible  and at the same time saving them a lot of money. It would be of great help to all the PACER users specially the law students. Overall a really good piece of work.


Our rating : 4/5 | Visit

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