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August 22, 2012

Receive Email Alerts, Facebook Notifications and Twitter Updates On Phone

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We all have at least one email ID, or many of us use different email IDs for different purpose like one for friends, one for family member and one for office use, same thing is done with social network accounts. But sometimes we may not be able to login to our account and check for latest mails which is send by your boss, anything happening on your social networking sites.

In that case you also wont be able to make updates to your social networking sites or send/ reply/ or forward mails if you wont have access to your computer or a at least GPRS enable phone.

But now using a simple web service named Jaamun you could have access to your Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and Hotmail, Facebook, Twitter and Orkut even on your grandfather’s mobile too.


Jaamun uses message functionality to deliver your mails and updates from your social network to your mobile phone, and as almost all mobile phones have message functions then you will be able to get update to your mobile phone.

To get started using it you need to register yourself with Jaamun, for this you can use online method, visit Jaamun and make a account and then add your mobile and email account to it, or you can just register via an sms, to register send sms as :-

<EmailId> <email Password> to 9773467755

Or if you wanna register your Twitter or Facebook account then :-

Twitter <twitter id> <twitter password> 9773467755

Once register you will get email alerts in 480 words compressed message, you can reply, forward or compose mails right from your mobile. You can use or get following keywords in sms :-

f :- From

s :- Subject

b :- Body

r :- Reply

F :- Forward

T :- To

Tweet :- Twitter Message

You can also create filter by logging to your account, you can create filters if you don’t wanna receive emails alerts from a particular email address or wanna receive from a particular email id only or if you don’t wanna receive email which consist of certain words or phrase.

Jaamun works or highly secured network so don’t worry all you emails and message are transferred securely.

You can use Jaamun on your enterprise too, as it supports all IMAP and POP mail accounts, but requires a permission from your organization, so just email them to get started.

This service is currently in Free Trail , otherwise it will cost you Rs. 49/month.

You can take a look at the below slides to know more :-

Visit Site :- Jaamun

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