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17 Jun, 2009  |  Written by  |  under Mobile allows you to recharge your mobile any time anywhere with just a click of the mouse. Mobile is the necessity in today’s world especially for 21st generation which just cannot live without mobile phones. Mobile usage is increasing at a tremendous rate with almost 10 users being added every minute in a particular area. Since mobile is being used to such a great extent, their recharge would also be required at a very rapid rate.

To make it easier a large number of outlets have been opened for this. But to make it even more easy for people so that they can get their mobile recharged while sitting at home in front of the system, online recharge facility is being provided by web portal.

Steps of Procedure to Use this Site

  1. Sign up to become the registered user.
  2. Click on the recharge button on the home page.
  3. Select your service provider and click on make payment.
  4. Check to see the recharge confirmation on your mobile.


RechargeItNow is web portal that provides you with the facility to recharge your mobile anywhere anytime online with just a click of the mouse. No one can live without mobile now days. It has become a part of everyone’s life especially our younger generation. Mobile business is booming to a great extent and recharging is necessity to keep a mobile operational. So it’s a very good portal to recharge your mobile very easily and efficiently. Its seamless user interface brings a good user experience at this portal. This portal is also going to add AIRTEL recharge facility for AIRTEL users all over the country. This facility allows people to use and recharge their mobile from far off places and do not need to call someone in their home area to get it recharged.

Editor’s View

RechargeItNow is an easy to use and very efficient way of getting your mobile recharge done. Its simple and seamless interface allows user to easily use the website. All in all it’s a great way for mobile users especially for frequent travelers.


Our Rating: 3/5 | Visit

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