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November 19, 2010

Record And Share Voice Messages Online For Free

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Sometimes, voice and not text makes all the difference. The intensity and sincerity exuded by voice has a deep and long lasting impact. We all have heard of voice recorders and voice mails on phones, but how many of us know about online voice recorder?

Vocaroo is a simple, no frills attached voice recorder which functions like an answering machine software. You can easily have short voice message which can be distributed over the internet. This is primarily useful for people, who are on a look out for internet based voice mail services, voice mailbox and voice mail call forwarding. There is answering machine software available to retrieve voice mail as well.

The site has a very plain-looking user interface which can be an eye sore for few while a bull’s eye hitting look for people focused on just using the services.

Just get hold of your microphone and press the button to start recording. On completion of your message, you can stop the recording. The website will generate a code which you just have to copy and paste to other sites.

This FREE service has some initial glitches, but the website owners are working hard to resolve those. Another point to note is that you need Flash Player installed in your system as a pre-requisite to get started.

A site worth a try for its innovative concept!!


Our Rating: 3/5 | visit


“The Premier Voice Recording Service”

How Is Useful?

Sending voice messages across the globe via internet is a new zone still to be unearthed. This novel voicemail software is indeed lesser known and used. All tech freaks, use it and dive into a new world of internet voicemail.

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