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January 29, 2012

Record Audio, Video Message To Be Posted Facebook After Your Death

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Facebook is very much popular nowadays, almost all of us have a Facebook profile, and due to its popularity many developers has developed lots of apps for it which can make your work easy and smooth too, you can simply install them on your Facebook account.

Have you ever want to record a message that will be posted on your Facebook wall after your death or when you are no longer there to say any thing to your friends or any other. Well a Facebook app called If I Die will let you record and keep a message that will be posted on your wall when you die, message could be Video or in Text Form.

To get start using this app you need to visit the site from below link and then click on App button to install it on your Facebook Profile, it will connect your Facebook account ask for some permission just allow it and then you will be bring back to app page.


Now you will have to chose whether you wanna leave a Text message or a Video message, if you choose to go with video message then make sure you had install Adobe Flash player and when it ask for a permission to access your web cam and microphone just allow it and then record your message.

Or if you selected Text message then type down your message and then click on save, next you need to select 3 trustees from your Facebook friends, trustees will be those person who will inform app about your death.

You need to invite trustees and when they are invited then they will be called verified trustees, when all 3 of the trustees report about your death then your last message which you had recorded will be posted on your Facebook wall.

For more info please take a look at the video below :-


Visit Site :- IfIDie

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