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August 17, 2012

Record Phone Conversations On iPhone

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The whole world is just a phone call away. Many important discussions, business decisions and negotiations happen over calls which given a choice, we would like to document for future reference. Recording phone calls can sometimes create a backup of information for us to go back to in case of any untoward situation. Writing minutes of meeting and emails can be extremely cumbersome and time consuming.  An application which can record all your important phone conversations can indeed be a life saviour in turbulent times.

GetPhoneTap is an iPhone based application which allows the users to record the ‘outgoing’ calls directly from the phone without any additional help in the form of hardware or equipment. This application is easily available in any iPhone App Store. It has a simple and straight forward installation and then you are good to go with this application.

This application is very well integrated with your Contact list in iPhone. You just have to tap your finger on the contact that you wish to call. The only difference lies that you will receive a call and both the parties will be duly informed that this conversation is being recorded. A prior intimation will ensure no hard feelings are developed and things are kept fair for both parties.

The recorded conversation can be shared as an mp3 via email on the fly. You do not have to upload or download anything. This application also helps to maintain call history of each of your outgoing calls which includes date, time and duration of each call.

Some key highlights of GetPhoneApp:

  • Record all your outgoing call conversations.
  • Record up to 20 minutes of discussion and options are available for recording additional airtime.
  • Share your recording via email instantly.
  • Well integrated with iPhone contact list.
  • Maintain a detailed summary of all your outgoing calls.

It’s an app worth a try if you feel a lot of data and decisions are speculated over phone calls.


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