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September 23, 2011

Reduce Size Of JPEG Images Upto 5 Times While Maintaining Quality And Resolution

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We all love to share pics captured by us either using mobile phone or digital camera, we love to share pics on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook, many of us used to share pics on our websites or blogs too.

Let me share a situation, one of my friend as me to send pics my birthday to him via email, I was trying to send pics to him but after attaching 4-5 pics I was told that I cant attach more pics as it exceeds size limit.So I left with two option either upload pics on some other websites and share its link with my friend or send 5-6 emails each containing some pics.

Both option are time consuming for me, Now here is a service named JPEGmini, it will reduce the size of your pics upto 5 times while maintaining the quality and resolution of your original image.

you can store more photos on your hard drive and online photo service account, attach more photos to your emails, and upload your photos faster to the web. If you have an image-intensive website, your pages will load faster, and you’ll also reduce your storage and bandwidth costs.


The service is free to use and no registration is required on the site, you can compress any JPEG image with file size of upto 50 MB, no registration is needed to use but if you make account on it, which is also free you will be able to upload full albums, can store unlimited photos on it, can share pics on Picasa and Flickr.

Features :-

  • Free to use,
  • No registration is need for single pic, can compress bulk pictures after registration,
  • Maintain the original quality of your pic,
  • Now you can store more pics on the same space as before.

Visit Site :- JPEGmini

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