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February 4, 2010 Any Web Page At Regular Intervals

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The extent to which the ease and comfort the web and the web-based tools/applications had been bringing to the lives of the masses on daily basis is simply inexplicable. RefreshThis is one amongst the many on-line tools available to be used by you. RefreshThis is the website that enables you to auto refresh / reload any web page you wish at a regular interval.

This tool is specifically made by keeping those websites/web pages in mind that are updated incessantly with latest information and are need to be reloaded/refreshed time and again. So RefreshThis will do the same task without you needing to do anything like ‘Pressing F5’ or clicking the refresh/upload option on the web page. It will be done once and for all, just by taking the following three steps :

Step#1 :  Paste in or type the URL of the website you want to Auto-refresh

Step#2 : Select the Refresh Interval as per your requirements

Step#3 : Press Start

After taking these 3 steps, that particular web-page will be refreshed automatically every ‘time-interval’ that has been set by you, forever.

Believe or not, it is that simple.

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It is an web-based tool that lets you auto refresh / reload any web page you wish at a regular interval.

How Is Useful?

It is also great if you are waiting for a webpage to put tickets online, etc. Basically you can use To refresh anything!

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