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May 21, 2012

Remember One Password To Create Login Passwords For Other Websites

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We all are ware of online threats and all those hacking and cracking activity going on on and its increasing day by day so you need to have a unique and strong password for your online accounts, but its not easy for us to create unique passwords and remember all those we are to limited to just one web site.

So to overcome this problem most of you might use Password Manager tools which is protected by a master password and when you enter your master password you will get list of all your passwords in it. There are lots of online and offline password manager but using those password manager is not secure all time and if you are looking for another simple way then here it is, Password Chameleon.

It allows you to generate unique password for each website, all you need to do is just enter the website and then select a master password and then just type the domain name (like of site for which you wanna generate password and that’s it.


It combines your master password and domain name generate your new password, you can generate as much as password as you want just replace the domain name and you will get new password for new site. And if you use same master password and domain then you will get same password all time.

This is a free web service if you use web app, desktop version or use Google Chrome Extension but if you use mobile app the you need to pay a small amount, its available for WP7 and Android.

But there is a drawback too for this tool, if you have 2 accounts on same site then you will get same password for both account which can be problem for some of you.

Visit Site :- Chameleon

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