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January 13, 2010 – Freely Share Your Knowledge, Thoughts And Experiences

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From day one on this planet, we all had been succumbed to the earthly pressures. From a newly born to a kindergarten kid and then the transformation from adolescence to  adulthood, each day we had been striving hard to be famous(for the right things) and wanted to be heard by all. Some blessed souls were able to hit the jackpot while others were debilitated by the worldly commotion. This will not happen again, thanks to RememME-an online community for people all across the globe where they can express their thoughts and feelings about almost everything in the form of scoops.

RememME, also give wings to your passion for writing, be a free bird and write about anything you want to under the following seven categories :-

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business & Management
  • Science & Technology
  • World & Politics
  • Sports & Entertainment
  • Health & Lifestyle and
  • My Life.

Earn Name and Fame with RememME :

Photo & name of every user would display alongside his scoop. The scoops are knocked and commented upon by this online community in a democratic way which collectively decides top three scoops in every category. The winning scoops are then published in a monthly RememME Magazine, for millions of people to read around the world.

Seize this golden opportunity to express what all had been buried half-dead deep inside that little heart for, no matter what, reasons. Let the world know that you also exist amid them and leave behind your words to be read by the future generations as they are only thats remembered, the rest just fades way with time.

So join RememME at the earliest and no wonder very soon, Your Signature Becomes An Autograph.

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About : is an online community for people passionate about writing. Here they can freely express and share their knowledge, thoughts and experiences of life in the form of a scoop.

How Is useful?

Helps you

  • Relive your passion for writing
  • To express your thoughts on various aspects of life
  • To be famous as an add-on


  1. Thx Mohit, for discovering Its an amazing portal, would definitely publish some of my earlier blogs.

    Comment by techblogger — January 13, 2010 @ 2:36 pm

  2. Trust me,it took me few minutes to believe whether this is true or not.

    Fight for individuality is a story of one and all.

    And RememME takes care of this.

    RememME can be one which can turn around an individual from nobody to somebody.

    I use to wonder why only celebrities make it to cover of magazines, newspaper but now our time has come.

    Comment by Vipin Negi — January 14, 2010 @ 4:55 pm

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