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November 2, 2010

Remove Password From PDF File

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Password protection is a common security measure which all of us should use. With growing piracy, duplicity and copying of content, we need to be very careful while sending our files over net and/or publishing content. Password protection can be used for almost all common formats including the pdf format.

Now, there are times when we tend to forget the password which we had set to open a pdf file. Password protection may also be used to prevent editing and/or printing. So, to unlock the pdf file we have a few software’s available in the market, but they are expensive. Besides, they make use of command line utility to unlock the file(s). So, web developers have come up with a new kind of innovative technology that unlocks your locked pdf file by simply uploading and presenting the unlocked form in a new window., which is free to use and no registrations are required. Key features are listed below.

Key features

  • Unlock your locked pdf files by simply uploading them
  • Users can edit, print and even merge the unlocked files
  • cannot recover lost password, it can only present an unlock form of the locked file
  • Free to use
  • Upload as many pdf files as you want
  • No registrations required

Our Rating: 4/5 | visit

About is a new web service started to unlock the locked files (pdf only). After unlocking users can edit the content, print, merge etc. Please note that does not recover the lost password, it only presents the unlocked version of the file.

How is Helpful?

There are times when we forget the password set for opening a certain file. Now, we don’t have much options but to download expensive software’s to unlock the file. helps us to unlock the file by simply uploading the locked file to their server. Users are free to upload as many number of locked files as they like. Also check out FreeMyPDF service to remove PDF file restriction.

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