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November 30, 2010

How To Remove Unwanted Part Of An Image?

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Ever imagined editing or adding more color to an existing image of yours? Yes, you read it right, an online tool which we came across recently helps you do just that, a new web site launched with the aim of providing easy and fast use of certain tools to add color to faded portions, edit certain portions and more. So, if you want to edit a pic of yours which also has your estranged lover, log on to and edit him/her from the pic itself.

The interface of the web site is amazingly user-friendly. There are three illustrations which define the concept of the web site as well as answers the “How to Do?” question for new users. There are just three simple steps to follow (which will be explained in detail later in the article). There are no sign-ups required and using the web site is free for everyone. The home page of the web site looks like this:

Using the tool is extremely easy. You don’t need to learn or have knowledge of any software to use it. The first step is to select the image from your computer. A snapshot is shown below of an image which we wanted to inpaint (just to test the tool).

Second, click on the “Inpaint” button and then slide the cursor on the part of the image which you want to edit (while holding the left-click of the mouse). A white patch will appear as shown below in the snapshot.

Next for the image to be edited, again click “Inpaint” button. The edited snapshot is shown below.

Finally, if you are satisfied with the result save the image to your computer, otherwise give it another shot. Users can upload and edit any number of images, there is no restriction on that. Besides, its free and so easy to use. So go ahead, and try it out.

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