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September 27, 2011

Resize Your Images To Compress Or Shrink The Picture Size Easily

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Technology has given us a lot to do. People can do unlimited number of tasks if they have a computer and an internet connection handy. You can opt to play games, study, do shopping and much more. Now at the same time social networking has become so much prominent that all the people are supposed to have an account on one or the other networking website and a person can be considered to be a loner if he does not have a Facebook account.

Now the problem is that a person who never learned how to use a computer finds it really difficult to operate a computer and learn how to do things on a Facebook account. So for a new user creating a Facebook account and doing things like putting up a profile picture. Now some people prefer not to use an actual profile pic but I think that profile pic is one of those things that puts an impression on the people that become friends with you through these websites. A smart profile pic can really change things for you and help you gain confidence amongst other people.

So still, if a person does not have the expertise to edit his or her photos to perfection the least he can do is resize the picture and make sure that only the important part is shown. So we have found this site that could help all the occasional or new computer users who want to create a nice profile picture. is a website that could help you resize your pictures so that it becomes easy for you to upload them to a website or send them to someone through e mail.

Using this website is real easy as all you have to do is browse the computer and edit it using five steps

This tool gives you the option to apply a special effect and also you can choose the image quality for the re-sized image. Original pictures can be of upto 8 megapixels and of jpg, gif or png format. All the resized images are of jpg format.

So with the help of this online tool I am sure that resizing a picture whenever you need will not be a difficult task and also there is no need to download or register to the website. The user interface is simple and the main idea behind developing this website is to help all those computer users who are not experts in image editing. The aim is simple and even if you have other software’s to perform the same task, this tool can be a time saver.

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