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March 14, 2011

Did A Cricket Umpire Commit A Major Error? Share Your Views On Cricket Umpiring

Was your favorite batsman adjudged by a bad umpiring decision? Now you share your feelings on Bad Umpire. You all must be watching ICC Cricket world cup, if you are not satisfied with the umpire decision then come to Bad Umpire. Bad umpire is a web startup where you can visit and leave your comments on the decision taken by on-field umpire or third umpire.

This website is dedicated to World cup where you can find all the controversial decisions made by on-field umpires in case of a batsman being adjudged out or not out.


This platform gives you freedom to share your feelings and pass comments on the umpire decision. Here you can find a list of umpires, who umpired for the matches held in World Cup 2011 till yet with all the controversial cases. all you need to do is look for the match by date or Umpire name and click on the hyperlink and it will take you to the question where you can take your decision by hitting YES Or No button. You can also leave your comments with your name. This sites looks very useful it may help the jury to take there decision while selecting umpires for next upcoming matches. So for the next time if you find the decision taken by the umpire is not fair then visit badumpire and give your opinion to the world. Here is a snapshot of resent case where match was held between South Africa  and India.


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