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June 11, 2009 – Free Online Document Collaboration

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Revizr is a web site that provides the web service of your revisers’ ideas as usable red-pen markup, not changes. Your words stay yours. Use it for one-time document improvement: upload, collaborate, then download and publish. Or keep your documents in the Revizr to continue receiving other people’s suggestions for improvements.

With Revizr you get the effectiveness of a wiki without the free-for-all. Using this service is very easy. Just follow the following steps:

1. Upload your document to the Revizr: Microsoft Word, Open Office, HTML, rich text (RTF), and plain text files are all accepted.
2. Invite the people you’d like to revise your document: These could be colleagues, managers, instructors, professional editors; the choice is up to you.
3. Get notified when they’re revising: You can work simultaneously with your revisers or wait to be informed about new revision suggestions.
4. Use only the suggestions you like: Your revisers provide changes and comments, with each person’s work appearing in a different color. Use what you like and take comments as starting points for your own modifications.
5. Continue the conversation until you’re satisfied: Revising is no longer a one-way street. With this service you can reply to a comment or ask for a clarification on a proposed change. Advance through as many versions as you need with your revisers’ feedback to guide you.

This is much better than the WIKI service. In a wiki, anybody can change anything in a document. In Revizr, specifically-invited people mark up documents with comments and changes. The document owner then decides what changes to accept.

By default, no one can see your documents except you. Only after you invite people can they see and revise your document. If have a document in final form and are done with it, you can download it and then permanently erase it from Revizr.

This service tries to represent your document as faithfully as possible. Some variations are introduced in the process of adapting the content for the web. Also, this shows your document double-spaced, with margins, in order to keep markup in context. These changes won’t affect your document if you download it.


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