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July 10, 2009

Ring2Skype – Receive Free Calls On Skype From Phone

Ring2Skype is a web service that allows you to receive calls on your Skype from landline. It provides every registered user a unique number and a private extension to receive calls from landline. People can easily call on that number from anywhere in the world and also the registered can receive calls anywhere.

Usually people are not able to call their near and dear ones who have gone abroad or any other place in their country itself. So this service provide them with the opportunity to keep in touch with them and that too free of cost. Since Skype is easily available and frequently used, it reduces the effort required on part of the user to keep in contact with their friends, colleagues, families etc.

Steps of Procedure to use this Site

  1. Register yourself on the website using a valid Skype User Id.
  2. Get your unique online phone number and private extension.
  3. Login to your Skype account to start receiving calls.


Ring2Skype is a web service that provides user with the facility to receive calls on their Skype from landline callers anywhere in the world. It provides services in 40 countries and is a very reliable service. The user just needs to be logged in to their account to start receiving calls. The service they provide is supported by a reliable system which maintains consistent and efficient communication. The user also has the facility to forward calls to their online numbers. The user can also have multiple numbers registered. The callers just have to pay regular calling fees according to the distance at which they are calling.

Editor’s View

Online voice chat is widely used but every person does not have internet connection. So Ring2Skype provides a facility to attend calls online from landline numbers. People can easily connect and call the desired person who is online. All in all it’s a great facility to keep in touch but the problem with this is that claimed quality of service might not be that good and also same calling rates apply for this which is much costlier than many available ISD cards with cheap calling rates and very good connectivity.


Our Rating: 3.5/5 | Visit:

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