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August 3, 2009 – Highlight Text on Any Webpage

It is an innovative website having some very unique and useful features. enables you to highlight any text from a webpage and makes it easy for you to organize your data. It is very useful in certain circumstances, for instance, we all need to search something or the other on the internet and in the search results only part of the web pages are of interest. With the help of roohit you can highlight only the relevant text and later it allows you to automatically collect and see all the highlighted text on one page. You can also combine interesting pages with just a single click and also share your highlights with anyone.

Features :

  1. Auto collect : You can highlight as you surf and everything you highlight is automatically collected for you in an organized manner.
  2. Micro bookmark : This feature allows you to go directly to the highlighted part of the webpage and also helps in highlighting the relevant part.
  3. Micro share : you can use blogs, social networks, email, IM etc so that you can easily share your highlighted text with anyone.
  4. You can also embed a highlighter button on your webpage or you blog etc. which is available free of cost on the website.
  5. The site is user friendly and absolutely free to use and also does not require any registration..

Steps of procedure to use this website :

  1. Visit the website and with basic technical knowhow you can easily understand the process and features offered by the website.
  2. Type before any web URL address and then press enter. The website now opened is equipped with the feature of highlighting the text. For e.g.,
  3. Enjoy the free features and make your work easier and interesting.

Editor’s view :

The website with a host of free features and free download enables you to compile your search in an effective manner with the facility of highlighting the text and compiling the highlighted text. The site has various prominent sites such as Google , yahoo , Wikipedia , CNN , BBC , the New York times etc. in its network. Overall an innovative and unique concept designed to help in highlighting important points.


Our rating : 3.5/5  visit |

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  1. Very Cool! Thanks for sharing. I like how it allows visitors to microShare (share embedded highlights), microBookmark (go directly to highlights on my page), and microBlog (automatically post highlights to their own blog).

    Try highlighting this page

    Comment by Jodie — August 8, 2009 @ 1:15 am

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