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January 26, 2010 – Checks If A URL Is Safe To Click

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Safe2Click is not just another URL-shortening application. It has come up with a very vital purpose of safeguarding the users from clicking on harmful links that can be the entry doors to phishing scams or any other awful website.

Spammers, generally take the undue advantage of heavy traffic on various Social Networking sites or any other mostly surfed site by the masses and leave their unsafe links on them. The reason people don’t come to know about their unauthentic nature is because spammers use several URL shortener to mask their links.

But, Safe2Click is a URL-shortener with a difference because with  Safe2Click, users get to preview links before they visit them. When a user clicks on a URL shortened by Safe 2 Click, a preview page displays a thumbnail image of the website they are about to visit, along with the title and full web address of the page. The user can then see if the website is likely to be spam, pornography or anything else unexpected – and can choose not to follow the link if they don’t want to.

And the ‘help’ section will be all eager to assist you in case you are having trouble using Safe2Click.

Spammers! beware of Safe2Click &

my Innocent users! be thankful to Safe2Click.

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It’s the new URL shortener that allows you to check if a URL is safe to click before you visit it!

How Is Useful?

As more and more people start to use Safe 2 Click to shorten their URLs, people will grow used to seeing links and knowing that they are safe.

How is your website different compared to similar websites?

Safe 2 Click shows you where the link is directed and can prevent you from clicking bad or dangerous links.

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