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August 4, 2012

Access All Your Bookmarks From Any Browser And Any Device

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While using internet we see lots of things which we might want to use in future or you can say that we find lots of things which we might want to refer in future so for this purpose we use to bookmark them so that we can easily find them later when we want them.

But what happens is that if you are using a home computer and bookmarked some content then you wont be able to find those website which you had saved on your office computer and you wont be able to access them so you wont work on it.

If you want to access same bookmark which you had saved on your home computer or in any other from across different devices then you can use a online web service Grazely which allows you to save and access your saved bookmarks from any web enabled devices, you can decide whether you wanna save those bookmark as Private or Public.

All your saved bookmarks are encrypted and secured using 128-bit encryption system, so you need not fear about getting misuse of your bookmarks. While logging you will be presented with a Android like gesture logging system, in which you need press the keypad on screen with mouse in a correct sequence.


While saving a bookmark then you just need to put the address of your website and then it will automatically fetch Title of the page, you can add your bookmark into groups.

For easy finding of your bookmark, it supports double tagging system as in traditional system you can use only one keywords to tag.

As it’s a online web service then you need not to download and install anything on your computer, you just need a modern web browser, like Opera, Safari, Google Chrome, IE, and Mozilla Firefox.

You can share your bookmarks with your friends on Twitter or Facebook.

There are 3 types of account in it which you can use, pricing are as follows :-


This service is in beta phase so you need to ask for invitation.

Visit Site :- Grazely

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