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November 7, 2011

Save Part Of Website On Cloud

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Many time while surfing internet we see interesting stuffs like images, videos, article or you can say you find some part of website useful and you then bookmark it for future, but very less of us open that bookmark to see that some part of website.

So if you too don’t wanna open whole web page just to look a part of it then how’s it if you can save a part of web site which you wanna refer in future, you can save any image, video, full webpage or text, all these stuffs are stored on your cloud account or Dropbox.

You can easily categorized all these stuffs and stored and retrieve them very easily from your account when you need them, When you visit your account you will see and saved stuffs there when you click anyone of them you will get full view, you can also share your stuff on Twitter or just copy the URL to share it on Facebook or email them to your friends.


All saved stuffs are yours and you can backup them anytime to your Dropbox account, means now you don’t have to save Bookmarks and fear that what if that Bookmark is lost or webmaster has changed the content of that page or like that, as you had save your favorite content already on your Dropbox and you can view them anytime you want.

Gimme bar also allows you to follow some users on it who are continuously sharing nice stuffs there, you can also decide whether you want to save content for public view or want to keep your stuffs private.

You can also make folders and keep data on that, Gimme Bar also allows you to save data with hash tag so that you can easily find them later.Currently this service is in Beta and you need to request invitation to use it.

You can take a look at the video for more info :-



Visit Site :- Gimme Bar

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