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August 18, 2012

Schedule Emails For Later Dates

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There are lots of email providers out there like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Windows Live Mail and so on, each has some of its good feature and some bad feature which make one to be superior to the other’s. Now here is another email service which allows you to perform a task which almost non of present email service providers provide.

LetterMeLater allows you to write any email at present time but you had the option to send it any future date. It allows you to schedule emails to any future date.

Suppose you are going on a vacation but you need to send some documents to your boss during the vacation, so you can write you mail, attach your file and then schedule it for any future date so that you can send mails on time.

Not only this if you had scheduled any email but after sometime you found that you need to add something or wanna remove something from it then you can edit it before it get sent and then again save it and your new mail will be sent as you scheduled, you can also change the date and time too.


The time on which you wanna send mails will be set as per your local time which is asked at the time of signup, so no need to calculate time intervals. The interface is quite good and minimal, it also allows you to send HTML mails, and it also has the feature of attaching file, add CC and  Bcc.


You can import you contacts from other services or just upload a CSV file, you can send emails to a group list too, which means if you had to send regular mails to certain number of people then you can crate groups to send mails to all of them at once.

It can also send a reminder 3 days before sending mails, you can also make any mail public anytime., and it does not send any kind of ads with your email.

It supports Recurring Emails, means you can set the repetition of any mails after a certain interval like day, week, months, year or so on.

Visit Site :- LetterMeLater

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