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February 7, 2012

Schedule Future Email or SMS Messages To Anyone

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Many times we have to do some task in near future but due to other works we forget to do those work(s) on time which may cause loss to you, like you need deliver a package to a client, or your boss can get angry on you because you hadn’t made call to client.

It’s a vey come problem with most of us, and seriously a very insulting situation, but using a web service like Cronote, which lets your schedule future sms and emails, means suppose you need remind anyone some work to do after a week, so just schedule an SMS alert right now and it will get deliver after one week and person will do that work on time.

This tool can be used in both personal and professional way, it’s a nice service for those who were very busy and often forget to do things on time. Cronote also feature a Remind Button, this button can be used for websites by webmasters to increase their product sale.


Let me explain you with an example, suppose you run a website which sale Computer related products at very reasonable price, and then some visitors enter your website and look at the product, but due to some reason they might not be able to purchase your product and leave your website.

Once your visitor leaves there are very less chances that they will remember your site and come back, but if you add Cronote remind button on your website then they can easily make a reminder and may come back when they want to purchase.

SMS reminder cost $0.2 per SMS on the other hand Email reminders are free of cost, business can deposit funds to their account and enable SMS reminders but once your balance reaches ZERO then SMS reminders will be disabled but email one work fine.

Cronote is ready to launch an iPhone app soon, it is scheduled to be launch in December 2011.

Visit Site :- Cronote

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