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March 15, 2011

A Search Engine To Search Your Web Life From One Place

We are already familiar with the Google search engine that we use in our day today life for finding data from the web. But what if you want to search something from any of your personal secured account on the internet. Today we are going to introduce you a unique search engine.

We are calling it unique because it helps you locating any of your web content at one place. Greplin is a unique search engine that allow you to search through your social networking accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, and online services such as Google Docs and Email. Here we are talking about a search engine which let you search your online life which is scattered across various social networks, email accounts and media platforms. It is a free personal search engine that solves the problem by letting you search all your web data at a single place.


Once you signup for Greplin, you can add multiple services like Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Salesforce, Google Reader and many more. Greplin will then provide a search box that will let you search all your added services together. Greplin can be used from any internet enabled computer or mobile. Its lightning fast speed and auto-complete feature makes life even easier. With a single search query, Greplin can search nearly your entire personal cloud for that address, contact, or invitation you just can’t seem to find. Greplin also offers a Chrome extension to its search presence, so that you can search your social data directly from your browser without having to go to Greplin’s website to login.


Features Of Greplin :

  • Personal search engine for your online data
  • Search all your web services and social networks
  • Auto-complete features makes search easier
  • Use on any computer or mobile browser

For the free account this includes the following services:

  • Gmail, Google Docs, Google Calendar, Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox and LinkedIn

The premium services list includes:

  • Google Apps Mail, Google Apps Calendar, Google Apps Contacts, Evernote, Yammer, Salesforce and Highrise

Sign up for the Premium ($49.99 a year) or the Premium Plus ($149.99 a year) accounts and you get more services indexed and the ability to store more data on Greplin about each. The services available on a premium plan are desirable mainly for business and the web worker.

There’s also the following services coming soon, the majority of which we hope will be available on the free account:

  •, Basecamp, Google Voice and Google Reader

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