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September 6, 2011

Search Engine : A Computational Knowledge Engine For Dynamic Computations

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The concept of search engine is the simplest yet one of the most difficult to survive. With Google being the leading search engine followed by Yahoo! and MSN, it’s hard for a new search engine to make its presence felt in the virtual world. If you want to launch a search engine, it has to be different than Google and Yahoo!, otherwise why would users leave such established names and start using your search engine which is so new.

Keeping this in mind Wolfram Alpha was developed. Trust me, you would just fall in love with it. Everything in one place, this thing has to be a benchmark in the internet world.

One of the biggest achievements (provided it lives up to its concept in the long run) in the recent times. Alpharam Wolf is your simple search engine that’ll give you any form of information in one single click.


No need to search pages of various results displayed. Each and every thing is precise and is same what you have typed (in the search bar).

For example, we searched for conversion of INR (Indian Rupee) into USD and we got not only the exact amount, but the whole history of the value of INR against the USD. See snapshot below.

Search for the content that you are looking for in the search bar.

Once you have typed the content, hit enter and you will be diverted to a new page which will display the results. See below.

You can see above how informative this tool is. It’s not only currency or any other conversion that you can search for here with this tool. Be it any type of info you require, for example, info about loans, interest rates, your EMIs, statistics of data or even mathematical calculations. Put in your equation consisting of variables and constants and result shall be displayed. It is amazing to see how it interprets the typed content and how wonderfully accurate it is.

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