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January 13, 2011

Search Genuine Profile Of Your Favorite Celebrities On Social Media

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Curiosity gets the better of us when it comes to celebrities and social shutterbugs. With the whole world showing phenomenal acceptance to social networking, our popular actors, authors, politicians etc. have also shown keen interest in using it to stay connected with their fan following.

However, due to some miscreants, often the fans are left high and dry as there are umpteen false profiles of the same celebrities. It’s very annoying for the person in question to discover that someone else has been connecting with his fan base and in some unpleasant cases, tarnishing his image.


If you are a fan finding it hard to track your heartthrob actor or any public figure for that matter, as there is always an air of uncertainty about how authentic the profile is, then theofficialprofileof is the answer to your problem. This website has the genuine profile of all the celebrities who have account on Twitter, Facebook or YouTube. Take my word, there are just too many media-savvy and media-shy people already featured in the site. This is the result I got on looking for my favorite hero, Aamir Khan.


All the well-renowned celebrities are categorized in different groups like actors, actresses, authors, comedians, politicians to name a few. This categorization makes it extremely easy for the user to enjoy the browsing experience. If there is some one particular that you are looking for, then just enter the name in the search box. Wherever that public figure has web presence, it will show up in the result page.

The site is constantly building up its database to transform it into a one-stop-shop for all the celebrity buffs. Users can also submit the contact information of any popular personality which is not already present in the database. Of course, it will undergo proper verification before it gets featured on the website. Here is a chance for all the fans to connect with their role model, inspiration, favorite celebrity.

So, it’s a perfect way to get up, close and personal with your favorite celebrities.


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