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Wajam is an extension to your browser that makes searching the web more personal. This gives you a platform where you can find the content posted by you and your friends. Wajam automatically saves the content posted on your social networking site and makes it available when searched.

This is an amazing service which works with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari on either PC or Mac. It directly connects to your social networking site like Twitter, Facebook, Delicious or Bookmarks and keeps all your shared content saved and adds this social result to your search engine. The best part of using this service is you don’t need to change the way you search, which means you can use your search engine like Google, Bing or Yahoo. You just need to download the Wajam on your PC and specify the source to aggregate, once you select one of your social networking site as a source to aggregate then you are done. Next time you start your search using your search engine you will get results from web as well as the content shared by you or your friends. It simple process can produce very useful results. It is safe and private which maintain a complete security of all your content.



  • Get better, personalized search results.
  • Easily retrieve links from your Twitter, Facebook and delicious feeds.
  • Find useful links shared by your friends

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