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May 30, 2012

Search Multiple Search Engine From Google Chrome Context Menu

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We always keep looking for some kind of information on internet everyday, searching for information is the most frequent job done by us on internet, to search for any content you first visit any search engine like Google, Yahoo! or Bing, then type your query and then look for relevant information.

Or another way is to use address bar or Search bar provided by you web browser, but in both cases you have to type your query and it’s a bit long process but if you looking for a fast way then here it is, Multi Search and its from just from your Google Chrome context menu or from omnibar.


Once you have installed it just highlight the text you wanna search and then right click on it, it allows you to search across lots of web search engines like Google, Google Maps, Bing, Yahoo!, Google News, Google Bookmarks, Wikipedia, Dictionary.Com, and IMDB too.


You can also use omnibar to search your queries, just type multi and then hit Space bar to get Multi Search tag and then type the omnibar search tag and then entering your search query will bring your search result instantly.


You can easily set which search engine to show in context menu and in omnibar search and what will be there tags, you can also set which search engine to show up in context menu and which one comes at last. It also allows you to add your own favorite search engine to it.

You can Sync your data easily too, but this feature need to access your Google Docs account, if you enable this feature then you will be ask to grant permission to reach your Google Docs account.


You can import/export to another browser without using Sync option, you just need to copy and paste the code provided to you, it can be used to make back up, and when you wanna restore pasted the same code and then click on Import button.

Install Multi Search On Google Chrome

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