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June 29, 2012

4 Ways To Effectively Search Old Tweets

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There is no doubt that Twitter is one of the most used Social Networking site which allows you to share whatever is in your mind in just 140 words. It has lots of users and many new users are signing up  on the daily basis.

Using Twitter you can not only share your text but can share videos, images and even links by shortening them so that they wont take much space. But many times we need to search something which we had seen in past or we had posted in our timeline sometime back.

Here are some useful online tools which allows you to make a search for older tweets in Twitter :-


If you wanna search public timeline then Twitter build-in search is quite good option for you. Its quite safe and you don’t need to share any of your personal information with any third party application or online service.


But Twitter default search don’t provide much options to you and rather then searching public tweet you cant do anything else. It wont allows you to set some filters or so on.

To use it just head to Twitter and type the search term for which search you wanna do. It could be any name, hashtag or so on.

Visit Site :- Twitter Search

Rating :- 2.5/5


SnapBird is one of the most widely used tool to make search for older tweets. This site has very simple interface and you can search any public older tweets. It allows you to search Someone’s Timeline, Someone’s Favorite, Your Friends Tweets, Tweets Mentioning Your, Your Sent or Received Direct Messages.

It allows you to set filters which will help you to search which allow you to get better and faster results with less effort. To get started with this service just visit the web site from below address and once you are on the site just select what kind of search you wanna make like Someone’s Timeline, Someone’s Favorite, Your Friends Tweets, Tweets Mentioning Your, Your Sent or Received Direct Messages.

Once you had selected the kind of search you wanna make then enter the twitter handle or username of that person, and then if you wanna put some filters or keyword then enter it and then click on Find button.


If you wanna search your direct messages or your friends tweet then you need to login with your Twitter account so that it can fetch data from your account and make search. In our test we had searched tweets back to September 2010.

It can also provide you a permalink, which can be shared or saved by you so that you can easily find what you had searched last night.

Visit Site :- SnapBird

Rating :- 4/5


Topsy is another cool social networking search engine which not only lets you search older tweets of users but you can even perform images, videos and link search on it. You can search for 1-2 years old tweets on it.

If you want fast and accurate results then you can go on advance search option and there you can specify tweet to be search for a particular time period.


On the result page you will see tweet with links, images, video and so on, you can filter them according to your needs and you can also change your language too. You can share this search on your twitter timeline, can create a email alert or just subscribe to RSS feed of that result.

Visit Site :- Topsy

Rating :- 3.5/5

The Archivist

The Archivist is a very nice web tool which allows you to search older tweets in a very simple way, to make search just put any keyword and then hit Start analysis button, this web service not only allows you to make search for older tweets but it allows you to analyze them too.


It shows all details in a nice charts and graph formats which allows you to analyze tweets more easily, things didn’t ends here, you can even also download all these things in a spreadsheet or ZIP format so that you can analyze when you are offline or share with offline friends, but for this you need to login using your twitter account.

You can perform search for someone profile or you had mentions in tweets, you can use all those keywords which are supported by twitter default search tool. You can also share those search result with your friends on twitter, a link will be shared and if someone click on it then he can also view those charts and graph too.

If you don’t wanna login through twitter account then you can also save that link so that you can view the result in future without making search again.

Visit Site :- The Archivist

Rating :- 4/5

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