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May 19, 2011

Search Engine : Visual Presentation Of Web Search Results

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As we all believe, visual representation always looks more useful then a textual representation. Here we are talking about a visual representation of Wikipedia. Quiki is platform constructed to improve the way people experience information.

It is like an on demand video platform where you can search on any topic and it will take out relevant images, videos and structured data from web sources. This new interactive internet search platform delivers information by combining text of a typical search engine with a video element of YouTube and the encyclopedic data of Wikipedia.


Qwiki is a revolutionary new platform that will define the future of information consumption globally. It present data about millions of topics in an extremely interesting and visual way. You search for something -a topic, a person, a place etc. — and Qwiki will tell you all you need to know about what you searched for, while also showing you key things about the subject or person. You can also click on sub-topics or related topics to access more Qwiki’s with vast amounts of other information. And the data isn’t just from Wikipedia. Say you do a search for a person, Qwiki can look at their social connections and tell you about their LinkedIn profile, for example. It is very, very impressive.

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