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December 24, 2009 – Never Type Same Search Twice

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Why to reach for the complicated methods when things can be done in a much simpler way? Searchzooka is a web application that will make your online search experience more easy and wonderful. It will free you of the cumbersome process of writing your search topics repetitively on various search engines for getting the desired information.

It can be said about searchzooka that its a second name for simplified & advanced internet searching. As many are the number of search engines, so are the different ways to generate the results and controlling our searches. Searchzooka makes it easy because it will enable you to create just one advanced search and use it on several engines. Also, it will save and organize your advanced searches for future uses. Making clones of the existing searches is another feature. So, with searchzooka, you never type the same search twice.

Creating a search with searchzooka is as easy as filling up a simple form available on the website itself. Generally the search engines prioritize their searches by “relevance”, but you can always go for the “newest first” option and your results will be prioritized by date. You can also limit your search results within a particular time period by entering the start and the end dates. And in case you do not specify the period, searchzooka will show you all the result regardless of the dates.

Other great thing about searchzooka is that it enables you to conduct searches in several different languages. Just in case a particular search engine doesn’t supports the language you have chosen, it will show the results regardless of the chosen language.

It can also offer you results of different file types like spreadsheets, word documents, Power Point presentations simply by entering the file extension in the “file type” box.

There are plenty of other features as well. So just have the bazooka experience with searchzooka.


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Searchzooka provides a one-stop organizing/bookmarking tool for all your advanced Internet searches.

How is useful?

By saving your commonly-used searches, you can save time and effort by launching searches at the click of a button rather than typing and retyping the same searches.

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