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October 10, 2011

Secretly Monitor Your Child’s Facebook Activities

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Nowadays everyone is using Facebook, it’s a nice place where we can meet and keep in touch with friends and family and some others, we can chat and message there. Facebook is being used by almost every one, minor, adult or even by old persons.

As there are some pros or benefits of Facebook as it is connecting us with others there are bad effects of it too, we came to listen some new crimes which being held with the help of Facebook, so its not an safe place for minors, if your child is on Facebook then you must be worried regarding his/ her activities on it.

MinorMonitor is an web based service which allows you to monitor your child’s Facebook activities with minimum effort, Now you don’t have to keep eye on your kids Facebook account to see anything going wrong, MinorMonitor will analyze your kids Facebook account and then report you back.


It identifies possible bullying, drug use, sexual references, solicitian, profanity etc., it analyze the contents of your child’s friend write about them.

It keeps track of your child’s Wall Posts, Status Updates, Messages, Uploaded Photos, Check Ins, Friend Networks. It will also notify you if it finds any of his friends who is too old, or have less mutual friends in network.

To get started you have to install MinorMonitor app on your child’s Facebook account and then it will ask for permission to get access to some content just allow it and then it will analyze all of his/ her content with minutes.It means you need your kids corporation to get started.

It will analyze all photos which your kid had uploaded or is being tag and then it will report back to you so that if there is anything wrong then you could take appropriate action on time.

As you might don’t have enough time so MinorMonitor will presents all report in a decent and minimal dashboard which had all things in a nice layout which allows you to easily see everything.

You can also set on which it should notify you immediately and on which it should not take any action.

Visit Site :- MinorMonitor

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