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May 28, 2012

Send Highlighted Portion Of Text To Email Inbox

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Many times while surfing internet we read some line or paragraph which we need to save so that we can read it or refer it later on, for this you might copy it and paste it to a notepad and save it to your hard disk, but what if you share your computer or what if you save that to your home computer but when you are in office need it.

So what to do, well you can save those lines, sentence or paragraph on the cloud or you can say on internet so that you will be able to get it from any part of the world. Well what’s the best best and secure part on internet rather then your own email inbox.

Today I am going to share a nice Google Chrome extension Send Me This, this extension allows you to send any highlighted text of web page directly into your email inbox right from your context menu. It is very easy to use and you will get your important thing into your own inbox with just few clicks.

To get started and use it you need to install this extension into your Google Chrome web browser, once installed you have to provide your email address and a title which you want to be of those email, make a easy to understand title so that you can easily recognize the mail, at last save it and you are done.


Now while surfing any web page if you find anything important just highlight it or you can say select it, and then right click on it and then select option saying Send Me This, then it will deliver that portion to your inbox.

In email, it also allows you to see the source from where that portion is copied, well it’s a quite useful app for chrome users.

Install Chrome Extension :- Send Me This

Send Highlighted Portion Of Text To Email Inbox

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