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November 9, 2011

Send Password To Your Family After Your Death

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In todays world every thing is done using internet, from shopping to paying electricity bills is done using internet, we all join so many web sites like Facebook, Twitter, Our Banks website, and so on, we all store many important data on these sites and there are some important emails too in our inbox.

Did you ever realized what will happen to those important data’s if you pass away? those data can be very helpful for your family and friends after you but how can they access those data because they don’t have your password to access those accounts.

Pass My Will is a nice online web service which allows you to create will for all your online assets and password, you can store all your passwords like of emails, of all social networking web sites, bank accounts, your blogs and so on.


If you pass away then site will send those passwords to your friends or trust ones but before sending those passwords this site will verify your death through a process, It will take a look on your Facebook and Twitter activities and also checks what your friends are posting on your walls.

How site works :-

As you signup for the service, you need to provide the name and email address of that person whom you want to provide your will or all your information, and also need to enter an encryption key which your recipient will know like your phone number, your social media code etc.

When you die all your information will be passed to that person whose information you had provided. So you have to select that person who will know your encryption key.

Features :-

  • Free To Use,
  • Easy To Maintain,
  • Minimal in design,
  • Allows your loved ones to access your important data after your death,
  • Nice service

Visit Site :- Pass My Will

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