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May 31, 2012

Communicate Privately Online Using Self Destructive Notes

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Many times while communicating online we need to send some private messages to our friends or some other which might contain passwords, keys or any other personal information. IMs and email are not safe to share such things online due to lots of threats available online.

Here we are going to share an online tool which allows you to send private messages very secretly, it provides you benefit that your recipient of notes can be read them only one time and once they are read they will be deleted from their server.

To use it all you need to do is visit it and start typing your note, you need not to make any account on this site to use, just visit it and start typing your note or whatever you wanna share, it provides you 3 different types of notes Short Phrase, Spy Glass, both of them restrict the user from coping your note and he will only be able to view it, but if you are sending something which need to be copied then you can use plain text.


All notes send by you has some time limit which you can set according your need, but by deafaul it is set to 180 seconds or 3 minutes, once your recipient has viewed and close that window or time is out your note will be deleted and no can bring them back. If you wanna more security then you can use password method too.

Once your note is ready just share the URL of it with other and once they view it then it will gone forever. If your note is not viewed within 72 hrs then also it will be deleted from their server. If you make an account on it then you will get notification when your note is read.

If you wanna share something private and other one just wanna look at it once then it’s a good web tool for you to use.

Visit Site :- Burn Note

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