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January 20, 2012

Share Password Or Secret Text That Can Viewed Only One Time

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Nowadays lots of work is done with the help of internet, we all use email accounts, social networking sites and other tools to make our life easy and fast, but there are some situations when you need to share your passwords with others, in that case you might just email it to him.

But you know that email which you sends go through several places and if some one cracked it then you will be in a big trouble. so what to do ? How to share your secrete information securely ? Well for this problem here is a nice online web service, OneTimeSecret.

OneTimeSecret allows you to share your password just only one time, when the other person open that page to see your shared information then that page and information is deleted for forever and no one can retrieve it in any way.

In simple words this site generate a one time useable link, and once that link is open then it will be deleted. It’s a free of cost web service, it can stores information for 2 days if you are using it anonymously and up to 30 days with paid plans. After they are viewed they are deleted immediately and gone forever.


To use this service you need to visit the site and then paste or type your secrete in the box provided there, once you are done with typing click on Create A Secrete Link and then you will be provided with a link, just copy it and send it to the person you wanna send, don’t try to open that link to check it, because if you do so your secrete will be gone.

You can also send your secrete directly by entering email address, but for this you need to make account, The guy who is getting secrete has to open that link and then click on View Secrete button to see the secrete and once he click on that button he will be presented with your secrete and then it will be deleted forever.

Don’t worry non of your secrete will be crawled by search engine, because they had blocked crawling through their Robots.Txt.

I had tested this web app my self and I am quite satisfied with it.

Visit Site :- One Time Secrete

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  1. Awesome share! Thanks for the this.

    Comment by Sriram — January 23, 2012 @ 9:08 pm

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