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August 6, 2012

Share Link To Section of Website Page

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Many times we wanna share just a part with our friend on a web page but usually a web page contains lots of information and there are very high chances that your friend might not read what in actual you want him to read.

Just remember how you read important points on book, By highlighting them. What if you can do same with web pages?, Yes InFocus allows you to highlight a web page and then share it with your friend and this time he will read whatever you want to share with him.

How Does InFocus Works? has a very simple and minimal interface. That site has no pop up ads or such things which might disturb you while using it. Just visit the website and then provide the URL which you wanna share with your friend. Once you enter the URL just click on Get Focus button, if you wanna load page on a custom size then click on “+” button.

Once you had clicked on Get Focus button, it will load you page and then you can highlight any section on that page which you think your friend must read it. One thing was missing on this site is that, it only allows you to highlight one section, you cant highlight more than one section.


Once you had highlighted web page then you can first test that your highlighted section is working fine, for this click on Test It, If you see that your highlighted section is fine then click on Copy URL button or just copy URL provided there and then share it with your friend on email, IMs or on social networking site.

Once your friend get link send by you, he just need to open that link and he will able see a web page which has a highlighted content which you wanna share with him. It also provide and Google Chrome extensionso that you can highlight contents on websites faster, if you are on any other web browser then you can add there Bookmarlet on your bookmark toolbar.

Rating :- 3.5

Other Similar Web Service To Highlight Webpage :-

  • Citelighter :- Citelighter is also an online highlighter, it allows you to highlight, Here you can highlight the contents and then export them as Doc format for MS Word or export that to Google Docs.
  • WebKlipper :- With this tool you can not only highlight contents but also can add your comments so that when your friend see it he will know what exactly you wanna share with him.
  • Roohit.Com :- Its an nice web service doesn’t require any kind of Signup, Or download. You can install it on your WordPress blog or on your website which allows your users to share page easily.
  • Send Me This :- Its an Google Chrome extension which allows you to highlight any content on web page and then send it directly to your inbox.

How Is Different from Other?

If you want to highlight content quickly and share it with your friend then you should use It loads page more faster than other services. One thing I like in it that it allows you to load a section of page by selecting size like just select 500 Px and only that part of page is loaded.


Its an nice service with option of selecting page size, but they should had allowed you to select multiple sections to focus and add comment option is also not there.

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