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June 16, 2011

Highlight, Comment and Share Web Pages Via Facebook, Email, Twitter Or Permalink

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Sometime while reading article overs the internet we came across some useful information which according to use might be useful for some of our friends and we copy paste it and send him via mail, But problem come when a part of article is useful.

Now in that condition you might ask your friend to read last paragraph of the article or like that. WebKlipper is a very useful service which allows you to highlight some part of web page and share it with your friends via Email, Twitter or Facebook.

How to use it :-

  • Visit site from below link and copy paste your webpage link and hit enter button,
  • Now you will see that same page is opening but under webklipper domain,
  • Now once whole page is loaded you will find some stuff at the left had side,


  • Now to highlight click on ON under highlight option from left hand side and then select the portion which you wanna share,


  • Now will see that color of selected portion is changed, you select different color by click on small option button at the end of selected portion,
  • You can also add comment clicking on Add New option under the comments,


  • Now once you done with all like selecting and adding comment when it comes to share, You can use any option like mail your friend share it on Twitter or even on Facebook,
  • Or simply you can copy the link and share it with your friends.

Its an must use service if you wanna share something with your friends.

You can register this site if you wanna save your previous shared pages and their portions.

Visit :-  Create Web Clip

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