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March 28, 2010

Shared Whiteboard Online –

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Well, here is another website which we came across, and before you guess wrong, it has got nothing related to “food” (As the name suggests). is a website dedicated completely to tasks/projects undertaken by its users. If you have any task, and when saying “any” means anything, then is for you. It helps you perform your tasks/projects by connecting you with others who are performing similar tasks. As mentioned above, tasks include anything, from creating your own website to writing your own new software to even organizing a get together for your friends’ 18th B’Day bash or your parents’ 25th wedding anniversary.

For accomplishing these diverse tasks taskfood helps you to collaborate with others, write about your project/task on forums and also have video conferences with as many as four members at once. To top it all, using the site for your project is completely free. All you need to do is signup on their web site and give a name to your project (But be careful while giving a name to your project, since most of the names would already be registered).

Key features of include:-

  • Helps to get connected and collaborate with other people
  • Option for video conferences
  • Includes a write board

After signup and creating the project, the user is assigned a homepage which keeps a track of all the recent activities undertaken. It keeps a track of milestones, you can also set a deadline for the milestone. This deadline would show up on your homepage and would keep you hooked and will keep on reminding you about the milestone which has to be completed.


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It helps the user to organize a task/project undertaken, by collaborating with other users

How is useful ?

It’s very useful, since it helps you to plan your project in an organized manner. The user can write on forums, publish his/her project, and also have a video conference. All the services are free of cost and can be utilized after a signup.

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